#2 Indonesia Furniture Producer Exporter was formed in 1999. Our goal is to provide the best quality stock furniture at a reasonable price.

Indonesia has more than enough material that able to success in furniture industry, and that is one of our reason to join the bussines. Indonesian culture and nature is the inspiration of our design and it can bring a lot of new design for the furniture which strongly emphasis in the beauty and antique style as well as function of each furniture producer.
Tonny Furniture from Indonesia is one of company in furniture bussines in Solo eager to respon the challange in furniture bussines not just in indonesia but in the hole world.
Tonny Furniture establish in 1999 Solo. Tonny Furniture serving a lot of kind of furniture made from wood or wood combinated with bamboo, mdf and teakblock. Every material came from hight quality control. We take only a mahogany and teak wood with beautiful fiber. We make a peace of furniture that just only beatiful but also has a strong construction. Finally we add calssic and antique accesories to make the classical design clearly shawn.
Tonny Furniture develop an understanding for the nature of mahagony and teak wood so we produced a lifetime product. We anticipate movement by nature cracking and destruction of timeber and act accordingly to allow for this fact. The main cause for movement in wood is moisture, both in material it self and it immediate environment. To minimaize this phnomenon, moisture content reduced in controlled level.
Tonny Furniture wood is dried up to 12% as specified by most international standart and then aired to 15 % in open air for two week. After its dried enough and final assambly, the finished pieces are store in the shade, waiting transport for next stage where they are varnished and finished accordingly. Our finishing process such as hand made finish, spray finish, melamine finish, and paint finish. From finishing process then warehouse for 2x24 hours to make completely ready. When the product is ready the next step is quality control. The process of the product quality control which will be exported or not exported is very strict. It includes the collide and shock test. If there is some damages after the test (like a lack link) so the product should not sell out. After passes our quality control team, its package with either standart carton wrapping or with cigarette box. Each container leaving we add several dehumidifier to absorp the humidity other then put silica gel put inside off all drawers.